Are you a warehouse owner that needs an electrician for industrial work in Bristol, Henfield or Yate? Apro Ltd. is an electrician that provides specialized services for warehouses in Bristol. We can design and engineer a warehouse electrical system for your business and take care of the fitting out of your new premises.

Our broad range of experience across a range of industries means we can customize a solution for you, whether you need to run industrial fridges, install a CCTV security system or have an energy efficient lighting system.

Design and Engineering Warehouse Electrical Systems

We have extensive experience designing and engineering warehouse electrical systems. Our electricians implement solutions that will be energy efficient, meet electrical code regulations, provide a safe working environment for employees and keep your power supply secure in emergencies.

Your warehouse electrical system needs to meet the growing demands of your business as it grows. Often, an upgrade in electrical equipment increases the load on an electrical system and can lead to blown fuses and shorts. We design systems to meet your current demands and can be expanded as your business grows.

Fit Out Premises For New Users

You have enough on your plate running your business without the extra task of fitting out your new premises. Talking with vendors and making comparisons to decide on the best solution is a headache in itself. You won’t have to deal with this when you work with Apro Ltd.

We take care of fitting-out premises for new users so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of procuring items yourself. We do the sourcing, purchasing, taking delivery and installation of items for your warehouse so that you can get back to running your business.

Broad Industry Experience

We’ve worked with a large number of clients in a variety of industries including metal and plastics stockists, medical gases workshops, media companies and builders wholesaler premises. Every industry has specific needs when developing an electrical system for their business, whether it’s a backup generator for refrigerated foods, or installation of CCTV’s for the security of high-value merchandise.

No matter what industry you’re in, we can create a customised electrical system tailored to your needs. Contact Apro Ltd. today for your industrial work needs.